Who are those people behind the doors Arthur?


We don’t want them to hear us. They watch us, they always do. All the bloody time. I don’t know their identities, it’s all hazy. The only time I see them is when I’m under the influence of sedatives. 

Hello, dear. May I pet you? ( ・ิω・)ノิิิ


*bangs from other side of the wall* ''Hey there neighbor! You wouldn't mind telling me a bit about this place?''


It’s a hell hole. Doctors are cruel. You can trust nobody. Now you’re just another addition in the asylum to have lobotomies performed on!! HA!

((I don't know if people already told you it but when I go on your blog there's the little window for the pages who's over your posts q___q"))

((Aww really? That’s a shame, I really liked that theme too. Oh well. I’ll go find a new one asap!))

I don’t need anyone else’s company besides the voices in my head. 

How do you eat with the bandages?


((i see you have started over my friend)) Hey Arthur... Wanna have a tea party? I snuck some tea out of the cafeteria. REAL tea, not the kind they put the little medicine in.


I’d be delighted, Alfred. 

Neh you said you were sad friend so I made you a thing

I hope it makes you feel better at least a little

If you wanna talk I can’t really do much but if you need someone to talk to I’m a good listener I think


((Omigosh you didn’t have to!!! QAQ T-Thanks for trying to cheer me up! I really appreciate it! ))

NSFW - Blood Rose


Warning: tw: Blood (Lots of it), tw: Gore, Death of Demons, and fluff at the end.

ask-psychotic-arthur = Arthur
Cesei is my OC

God I love these two dorks xDD

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A good way to get through art block is to look up art challenges or colour palettes and try drawing them until you get through your art block! Hope that helped~! - Guess who cutie face <3

((Asfdjskfl Not a cutie face! I’m a creature of the abyss!! But thanks! >////<))