Cesei: Masquarade ball is going around tumblr, and is open to everyone. I was gonna go just cause someone there needs to die~ *giggles* Wanna join~?

As long as ‘they’ don’t find me missing from my room, then I suppose…

asktoystoryarthur said: ((Only the toughest cookies if the batch))

((Damn right! >w< ))

hetaliacaliforniadelsur said:((Omg yes. Wait— Is it for any Hetalian character?))

((It’s gonna include all sorts of Hetalia characters.))

Are you going with anyone at the Masquarade thing?

Not that I know of? I haven’t even heard of this Masquerade. 

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"Welcome To The Ward"

Ahahaha, look who found their Halloween costume!

(( annonytrainer I hope you like it. Hopefully I didn&#8217;t draw anything incorrectly. owo;;; ))

(( annonytrainer I hope you like it. Hopefully I didn’t draw anything incorrectly. owo;;; ))




I’m an ass xDDDD


R.I.P Oh Captain My Captain