-throws 5 bandages at you-

Thanks though. 

Do you have a partner blog?


Hehehehe~ Hiiiii~ how are you? I am doing great because I just murdered some people! Hehehehehe~

You need help.

Will Arthur's backstory be the same? Or is this a whole new character?

((Some minor changes here and there. So I guess a whole new character.))

-gives you a box of bandages- I took this from one of my supplies! It's all yours dude!


If you say so! I'll supply you a lot of bandages then!!


Well, aren’t you a kind fellow. I appreciate it. 

Happy Birthday >w<''


You know….some new bandages would be a great birthday present….

((That feeling you get when you already know you've found an awesome ask blog, even if there is only like two posts ;D))

Who first brought you to the ward?

The ones that stand outside my door. Who watch my every step and fancy me mad. They saw me and dragged me here against my will but I know that they just wanted a guinea pig to experiment on. 

((A fresh new start!))